Beeline announces OnForce merger & other weekly workforce news

Once again, we’re bringing you our Beeline Weekly Roundup. We seek out the top industry headlines and workforce trends each week, to keep you informed about what’s happening in the world of temporary employment.

This week…

Beeline Announces Merger with OnForce (via Beeline)

Adecco Group has acquired OnForce and is merging the company under Beeline’s portfolio of workforce solutions. Beeline and OnForce will deliver the first integrated solution that offers customers multiple channels for sourcing talent. Combining Beeline VMS with OnForce FMS gives customers unprecedented access to both their trusted supply chain and their network of highly skilled, carefully vetted, and correctly classified independent contractors through one cloud-based solution. This merger is a major step forward for Beeline as we work to achieve our vision and deliver the tools our customers need to effectively manage their extended workforces.

Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Temp (via Fast Company)
Studies say that 42 percent of companies are already implementing or are thinking about ramping up temporary hiring for their organizations; moreover, with the temporary workforce slated for a 7 percent growth in 2015, it’s completely valid to consider temporary workers for your workplace. However, it’s important to think about the different risks and benefits associated with hiring temporary workers. Who are temporary workers? What are the costs versus full-time workers? What are the legal considerations to make with temporary hires? Fast Company covers all the bases in this article.

Smaller Spend Levels Can Call for an MSP/VMS (via The Staffing Stream)
When companies process less than $20 million in their temporary labor spend on an annual basis, it makes sense to deploy an MSP/VMS program on operational, administrative and financial levels. Historically, those companies spending less than $20 million simply did not think that implementing MSP/VMS programs was beneficial, managing programs in-house through Procurement and HR departments instead. Now, the opposite is true, as innovative MSP/VMS providers are able to deliver benefits in spend-restricted environments. The Staffing Stream compiles a list of benefits to this in their article.

Freelance Workers a Growing Segment of California Economy (via Los Angeles Times)
Though the official state unemployment rate for California dropped to 7.4 percent in June, 6.2 million Californians are still jobless, not working enough or working under-the-table jobs. California companies are still timid when hiring back full-time workers due to rising costs and the effectiveness of their outsourcing plans. However, many have turned to contingent workers to keep projects moving, though turnover rates still remain fairly high.

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Unemployment Down in Europe, and other workforce news 7/28-8/1

Hello and happy Friday! It’s time for the Beeline Weekly Roundup. We scope out industry headlines and trends weekly, so that you stay informed about what’s happening in the temporary workforce.

This week…

Europe: Unemployment Falls for Second Consecutive Month (via Staffing Industry Analysts)
The Eurozone saw a 0.1 percentage point drop in unemployment in June 2014, now sitting at 11.5 percent. For Europe, this is the lowest level of unemployment since September 2012. When looking at just EU Member States, unemployment sits at just 10.2 percent, also dropping 0.1 percentage points from May. The lowest rates lie in Austria – at 5.0 percent – and Germany – at 5.1 percent. The highest rates are in Greece and Spain; both countries have unemployment rates well over 20 percent.

Temporary Workers Likely to Make Up One-Fifth of Workforces by 2022 (via CPID)
Currently, only one in seven workers actually want to work in a “traditional” nine-to-five office setting, according to the Future of Work report. One-fifth of those surveyed in China, India, Germany, the UK, and the US, see themselves working remotely and virtually, with the ability to log on from anywhere in the world within the next 10 years. Moreover, HR professionals that were surveyed predict that at least 20 percent of their workforce is going to be made up of temporary workers or contractors within the next eight years and are building strategies to work with the change.

The Compliance Management Checklist, Part I (via CPO Rising)
CPO Rising created a “Compliance Management Checklist” series to help enterprises and organizations narrow down the most important, modern compliance measurement items and highlight the risk details widespread in the contemporary spend management spectrum. In the first part of this series, CPO Rising touts: Standardized contract language/terms, procure-to-pay processes, and enforcement of a preferred supplier program.

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Hiring in June & other workforce news with Beeline

Once again, we’re here for the Beeline weekly roundup. We scope out industry headlines and trends each week, so that you stay informed about what’s happening in the temporary workforce world.

This week…

Hiring Booms in June as Economy Speeds Up (via Market Watch)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their July economic situation last week. It was revealed that 288,000 jobs were added in June, which is the fifth consecutive month in which there have been more than 200,000 jobs added to the U.S. market. The last time this happened was in 1999. Because of the large growth, the unemployment rate also dropped 0.2 percentage points, now resting at 6.1 percent. This is good news, as the unemployment rate has officially exceeded the Fed’s year-end prediction just halfway through the year.

US Adds 10,100 Temporary Jobs; Penetration Rate Hits New High (via Staffing Industry Analysts)
The Temporary Help Services Sub-Sector added 10,100 jobs in June, which means that there are now almost 2.9 million temporary workers in the U.S. labor force. The temporary penetration rate, which is the percentage of temporary jobs in total employment, is now at 2.0677 percent, a new record high for the rate.

Procurement Outsourcing Market Sees 12 percent Growth for 2013 (via Shared Services Link)
The year 2013 was good for end-to-end procurement process outsourcing, according to Everest Group. They recorded notable growth of 12 percent for the year. The Procurement Outsourcing Annual Report 2014: Expanding New Horizons paper has predicted an additional 10to 12 percent growth for 2014, as well as contract size increases. Everest claims that the rise of value-added procurement outsourcing has allowed organizations to examine new dimensions to potential partners in outsourcing.

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Monthly Temporary Workforce Report

This month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released their monthly economic report, touting the current hiring situation and health of the economy. This report showed that the United States added 217,000 positions to the overall labor force in May 2014. Because this number was fairly lackluster compared to last year’s report, the unemployment rate remained stagnant, sitting at 6.3 percent.

What about Temporary Help Services?

Temporary Help Services, a sub-sector of Professional and Business Services, saw significant boosts upward at the beginning of 2014 and continued to chug along splendidly into the second quarter of the year.

This month, temporary health services saw moderate growth, adding an additional 14,300 jobs to the already strong sub-sector. Since last year, temporary help services added 224,000 jobs to the U.S. economy. Currently, we have almost 2.9 million temporary workers in the United States.

Temporary Penetration Rate still strong

May’s Temporary Employment Penetration Rate is still high, sitting at 2.065 percent, according to the BLS. With the upkeep of the temporary employment penetration rate and a record reliance on temporary employees in the United States, staffing companies are seeing strong results.

Staffing companies accounted for 2.06 percent of non-farm payrolls in May. The percentage rose for the 19th time in the past 20 months, with October 2013 being the only exception. This could be pointed back to last year’s government shutdown.

Noteworthy: BLS Revisions of May’s Report

In this month’s report, the BLS noted minor revisions regarding May’s report. Prior to revision, May reported the addition of 288,000 jobs in April, however it has since been changed to 282,000. The temporary employment penetration rate, originally reported at 2.065 percent was since revised at 2.058 percent.

Be Involved: What are your thoughts about June’s report?

Do you think temporary hiring will keep up the momentum through the rest of 2014? What do you think July will reveal with the start of temporary employment for the summertime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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The Right VMS Provider will offer the best Data Security for your organizationIt is no secret – everyone is concerned about data security these days. In our personal lives, we worry about whether it is safe to use our debit cards as we shop and dine. What if a retail store’s database is hacked? Did someone install a fake card swipe machine on the gas pump I just used? Will the wait staff steal my debit card number when they walk away with my check? Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?

In our professional lives, the need for data security is even greater. In addition to worrying about our own data, we must ensure the safety of our clients’ data. Imagine that you run a technology company that is responsible for delivering content in a timely, secure manner to hundreds of clients. In this case, you’re worried about the plethora of data that can be compromised for the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations relying on you to keep their data secure. It is a lot of responsibility, but an important challenge to embrace.

While everyone is concerned about data security issues (as they should be), they often forget about our overwhelming reliance on the technology itself. While we hope our credit card information isn’t stolen at the store, we still expect the store to accept credit cards and have safeguards in place to protect our information. While we certainly don’t want our cell phones stolen, we still expect our service providers to keep the towers up and running. (In fact, we often suffer from stronger heart palpitations when we don’t have the signal we need to check our email than we would if the device itself simply went missing.) The bottom line is that we rely on both security and uptime – all the time. And so do our clients.  [click to continue…]

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Google Diversity Data & Other Workforce Industry News with Beeline

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and short work week! What did you miss in the workforce over the last two weeks? Don’t worry; our weekly roundup has you covered!

In the industry…

Task-to-Talent: Freelancing as an Extension of the Contingent Workforce (The Staffing Stream)
There is a shift among workers and businesses toward implementing a contingent workforce style and that seems to be accelerating month over month thanks to programs and models like task-to-talent. The Staffing Stream takes a closer look at the supply and demand sides to the contingent workforce’s task-to-talent model.

CWM Technology Update: Q1/Q2, 2014 (via CPO Rising)
Christopher Dwyer presented the latest edition of CPO Rising’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) technology and solution update. This update highlights noteworthy news across the technology provider marketplace. Acquisitions, mergers and awards are all included in this update. CPO Rising touted Beeline for our announcement regarding the opening of our new data center in Switzerland. The data center is going to support the security and confidentiality needs of our European-based enterprises and clients.

Google Releases Diversity Data, Reveals Majority of Workforce is White & Male (via WJLA)
This week, Google published its first internal-diversity report. With this Google diversity data, they revealed that their company is predominantly white men – 70 percent men and 60 percent white. The search engine giant said that their transparency is going to be an important step toward change in Silicon Valley and the technology sector. Google has been working toward diversity in their company and the tech sector as a whole. In fact, they’ve donated $40 million in the last four years toward computer science education for women and girls. Many are admiring Google for their steps in the right direction and their transparency about their current lack of diversity in their U.S. workforce.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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