One Spark Ignites Downtown Jacksonville

by Ashley DeLance on April 17, 2014

Beeline Developers visit One Spark!During April 9-13, downtown Jacksonville once again transformed into the vibrant home of One Spark, the world’s largest crowdfunding festival for creators in art, innovation, music, science, and technology. One Spark is a nonprofit organization, created in 2011 by three friends in Jacksonville, who wanted to connect great ideas with the capital and resources they need to become reality. Local news stations reported that over 260,000 people attended One Spark during the five-day festival, which is about a 60 percent increase from the first festival held in 2013. As a company that values technology, innovation, and creativity, Beeline was proud to sponsor this incredible event and send some of its colleagues to participate in the festivities.

Some One Spark Background

This event gives new meaning to the idea of crowdfunding, which typically takes place online. Entrepreneurs and artists, also known as “Creators,” display their projects along a 20-square-block stretch of downtown Jacksonville, hoping that their ideas become the next big thing. One Spark organizers encourage entrepreneurs to showcase their projects, regardless of their current stage of development. It doesn’t matter if the ideas are backed with a formal business plan or if they are simply sketched out on napkins from the local coffee shop. As a result, something amazing happens: people bring their ideas from all sources of inspiration, including garages, dorm rooms, and even farms. In the end, the attendees ultimately decide who receives funding. The event is free for all to attend, and as attendees peruse downtown, they vote for their favorite Creators on the One Spark app. Many attendees also choose to contribute directly to the projects they find most interesting. In addition, up to $310,000 in crowdfunding and prize money was up for grabs this year. Here’s the best part: capital investors also attend the event (often incognito) in hopes of discovering the next big thing. That gives Creators the opportunity to connect with millions of potential dollars in capital resources, turning their dreams into reality.  [click to continue…]

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Weekly Roundup: This Week in Workforce Intelligence

Who’s ready for another informative weekly roundup from Beeline? We’re happy to pass along the latest highlights in the temporary workforce industry each week.

This week…

Leveling the Field: How Many Job Orders are Driven through VMS? (via The Staffing Stream)
How many jobs are driven through vendor management systems, on average? Bullhorn says that their survey revealed that it depends on the size of the firm. Small firms (1-10 people) average 19 percent through their VMS, while large firms (75 people or more) actually find that only 8 percent of their jobs were driven through a VMS.

Employers are Loving Temp Workers Right Now (via Politix)
According to a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, more than one-in-ten new jobs created in today’s job market are temp jobs – and that number has been steady since 2009. This past month alone, the economy added 28,500 temporary-help services jobs, which represents roughly 15 percent of the job gain in March. Temporary jobs have risen almost 10 percent in the past year alone, which is by far the greatest increase across all categories that are tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in their monthly reports.

Private Sector Jobs Finally Back to 2008 Peak, but… (via CNN Money)
The U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs for the month of March; however, the unemployment rate remained at 6.7 percent for the third month in a row. Many of these job gains were in the private sector. Most of the jobs added were in temporary employment, while government jobs remained flat. Now that our market is back to pre-crisis levels, many are wondering whether or not this means true recovery. Some are convinced, but others remain skeptical. According to some labor economists, the economy still needs to add five million jobs to get back to healthy, pre-recession levels and account for the growing population.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Cycling from London to Paris and Raising Money for Cancer ResearchThere is something you should know about me — I REALLY like cycling. But that’s not all.

Cycling Day & Night for the British Heart Foundation

Two years ago, I participated in a Night Ride for the British Heart Foundation. For this event, participants cycle from London to Brighton overnight. The ride is 60 miles on road, which is about 96 kilometers. In addition to registering for the race, I thought, “I’m already cycling with the British Heart Foundation, so why not raise some money for this organization that does such wonderful things?” It just felt like common sense to me. Here’s the thing about having a heart condition: usually, nobody ever expects it to happen, but then all of a sudden, there it is. This leaves many people wondering, “Now what do I do?” As it turns out, anybody can do something about it! Between cycling and fundraising efforts, I was able to raise quite a bit of money, and it felt really great knowing that I may have made a difference in someone else’s life.

So, I did the ride again, but the second time, I did the Day Ride. It was lovely, but I still wanted to do more. Yes, more cycling, but I really wanted to do more for a good charity. In addition to heart disease, I also know many people that have experienced cancer one way or another. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or just someone you know, cancer can really have an impact. On May 2, I will be cycling from London to Paris to raise money for Cancer Research UK. It’s a global initiative, which really resonates with me as a Beeline employee. After all, we are encouraged to think and act globally, and participating in this event will help in one way or another. Cycling is great fun and a good way to get from ‘A’ to ‘B,’ but it’s also evidence that we can all make a difference by participating in something we enjoy doing.

Cycling for Today’s Youth

I will be cycling with Beeline colleague Juan Jose Dominguez and my cousin Michael. To train, Juan and I both cycle to work and we cycle after work as well (and Juan is on a rowing team, so really, I’m no match for him!) For further training, I have organized a cycling trip on April 19 from London to Suffolk, which is approximately 126 kilometers. We will also be logging the miles for Win4Youth, a global sports initiative organized by Adecco Group. Participating in Win4Youth events helps to raise money for youth foundations across the globe. In addition, we are hoping to make a sightseeing video to give people a little “tour” of London, which will be fun for those who are interested in following along with our efforts. It may even encourage people to participate!

Our ride in May will take three (possibly four) days. If you’re interested in donating to help us raise money for the event, please visit our JustGiving fundraising page.

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Workforce Industry News for the week of March 31, 2014

We’re here again – the end of another great week in the workforce industry. Which stories were making headlines this week? Our weekly roundup always has the answer! We’re here each week to inform you of the latest highlights in our industry.

This week…

Workplace Survey Says 87 Percent of Employees Not Actively Engaged in Their Jobs (via Forbes)
According to Gallup’s recent “State of the Global Workplace” report, only 13 percent of employees said they are actively engaged in their work, are truly finding satisfaction in their work, and strive to create value for the company. This means that disengaged employees are outnumbering the engaged by a level of two to one. Companies with engaged employees actually see 240 percent improvement in their business results, so creating an engaging workplace is vital to today’s business.

California Considers Bill to Protect Temp Workers (via ProPublica)
California could become one of the first states in the Untied States to – by law – hold companies responsible for wage and safety violations by subcontractors and temp agencies. This California Temp Worker bill was proposed Friday, April 4th and tackles longstanding complaints from labor leaders about companies that can often pass the buck of responsibility to agencies and small firms hired to recruit this talent. Temp workers face high rates of wage violations and workplace injuries, but it’s rare to see recourse against the brands whose products they pack and ship. This law, if passed, may drastically change that.

Hiring Steady, but has Yet to Turn the Corner (via CBS News Money Watch)
According to today’s economic release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor market and job growth seem to be stabilizing. There were 192,000 jobs added in the month of March, and the national unemployment rate remained at 6.7 percent, as more people sought work in the market. More than half of the 57,000 jobs that were created in professional and business services were for temporary positions.

That’s all folks! Bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the latest industry trends and findings. Have a great weekend!

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Workforce Industry News for the week of March 24, 2014

TGIF, folks! Like every Friday, we’re here to deliver our weekly roundup to provide you with information and happenings in the workforce industry. So, what’s happening in the workforce industry this week? Read on to find out!

This week…

Why CEOs and HR Should be Joined at the Hip (via
Jacobs Suchard shares his business lessons with about the importance of the relationship between the CEO and the Human Resources department. Bottom line: the CEO determines the corporate culture and it’s HR’s job to make sure that the CEO’s messages and characteristics are reflected into the corporate culture of the company. Suchard continues with three additional reasons why the relationship is so imperative to a company’s success throughout the article.

The Demands of Globalization – And How the Recruitment Industry Can Meet Them (via The Staffing Stream)
As the need for global talent rises, the multinational performance gap in attracting and retaining talent grows. To solve this problem, multinational companies are relying on small and enterprise recruitment firms to find this talent and retain them abroad. This pool of multinational talent is what essentially drives supply and demand in the market; companies are trying to find the highest quality labor at the lowest price – leaving an advantage for recruitment firms with international presence.

More Americans Dropping Out of Workforce Voluntarily (via San Antonio Business Journal)
According to recent data from the U.S. Labor Department, a higher percentage of Americans have left the workforce voluntarily between 2010-2013. Roughly 61 percent of the 6.6 million who have left the workforce were retirees, which is twice the amount compared to the previous three-year period. Twenty-eight percent left the labor force due to disability and seven percent left to continue their education.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to bookmark the Beeline blog to stay informed about the industry trends and findings. We hope everyone has a great weekend!

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The Best VMS Partner for Your Organization

by Jim Cinelli on March 27, 2014

Trust is a quality you should have with your VMS partner. If not, then it may be time to reevaluate that partnership.Given the recent news, it is no secret that we are seeing an increase in merger and acquisition activity in the contingent workforce procurement and management space, which makes me especially glad that I recently participated in a webinar for WBR/ProcureCon, along with Melissa Whitney of 3M. During this hour-long webinar, I got to take off my Beeline hat and think back to when I was a buyer of a VMS and responsible for running a contingent workforce program for my organization, like many of you today. Providing value to my organization was a top priority, and I found that one of the best ways to accomplish this was to ensure that I was not only buying a piece of technology, but also investing in a stable and lasting partnership with my VMS provider.

My buying story starts very similar to Melissa’s – based on the needs of my organization, it was time for me to replace the existing VMS that I was using. As I completed my search (and ultimately made my decision to select Beeline), it was the subtle differences and the level of partnership that made the difference and had the greatest impact on the future success of my program. Right now, if you are looking for a VMS technology for the first time, looking to replace your current technology, or reassessing your current technology partner, be sure you know which success factors matter the most for your organization. Ensure that your partner not only meets your needs for features and functionality, but also aligns with your current business objectives and future goals.  [click to continue…]

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